´╗┐Brand Location Type Price Quantity Score Comment
The Rheinlander Arvada, CO Chocolate Chunk $12 6 10 Consistently delicious, they taste fresh even a couple days after you've bought them. Authentic cookies from an authentic bakery. Pricy, though.
Insomnia Cookies Mixed $11.19 6 9 Actually delicious, delivers until 3AM. Pricy, though.
Perkins Chocolate Chip $4 6 8.5 Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. Solid size and solid size of chips. Don't hold their freshness for too long.
7-Eleven Chocolate Chunk $1.19 2 8 Soft and crumbly. Chunks are good sized, mixed with chips. Consistent quality.
Jimmy John's Triple Chocolate Chunk $1.89 1 8 Made with Ghiradelli chips so you know it's real. At 400 calories per cookie though, it's more expensive than 7/11 in more ways than one.
Subway Mixed $1.69 2 8 Crunchier and thinner. Taste impeccable. Quality varies day to day.
Kwik Trip Chocolate Chip $2 4 6 A solid meh. Chip size was weak, a bit crumbly. Soft all around, but not really brown on top, seemed just slightly underdone.
Rendevous Lodge Steamboat Springs, CO Chocolate Chip $3 1 5 Expensive and meh. A solid addition to my slice of pizza for lunch, but doesn't hold up on its own.
Pepperidge Farm Milk Chocolate Macadamia $3.19 8 5 Size leaves something to be desired. Chocolate chunks are small, though advertised to be large. Almost too crumbly.